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Month: October, 2015

Konza Prairie

A collaboration between Kansas State & the Nature Conservancy. Could use slightly less vague signage and maps. Still excellent.

Thank god for that red dot sticker.

more driving around the Flint Hills of Kansas


driving around the flint hills.

previous readers of my blog of two years ago will know i am addicted to taking terrible photographs from my car, while driving. there is just something about that open road? ha. mostly just lazy.

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Historic Buildings at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

I live in Kansas now

I’m going to attempt to resurrect this blog from it’s MFA thesis timed death of around a year ago. I’m not sure how it will go but I thought it would be nice to share some of my photos of the Flint Hills on a non-facebook platform. No promises on consistency yet.

Tallgrass Prairie National Reserve. Near Cottonwood Falls, Kansas.

October 2015