i’ve been very neglectful

I apoligize. Hear are some photos of the Missouri River in Omaha, Nebraska from January (in the midst of a polar vortex, no less).

I think it’s important to post these older photos because seeing the Missouri River ended up influencing  a whole new body of work in the following months. It felt very significant to me to see the other major river that borders the Western side of the state of Iowa. I worked on small series of test plates that were themed around aligning myself to a body of water in Iowa. Photos are under recent work on my website. At the same time, this was the trip where I also completed driving the entire length of I-80 in Iowa. Most recently I completed a hand made artist book using these ideas for a group show in Mexico. Coincidentally, at this moment, I am waiting to see if it got lost in transit on its way there….. i’ll post photos of the book on my website soon whether the physical object is lost forever or not.