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Month: September, 2013

why i love iowa part I

Living in Iowa for the summer was probably one of the best decisions i’ve made in awhile. Basically, I fell in love with the landscape even more then I already had…. Now, I know its entirely man-made and theres not a dahm thing original to pre-settlement in these photos but I still think its beautiful. Just put your judgement aside for the moment and admire the aesthetic beauty in the  lines of corn disappearing into the horizon, segmented by winding highways… I could go on forever so i’ll just quit while i’m ahead. Here are travel photos from a day trip to Des Moines, our almost-lovely capital, and the printing event I helped out with in support of Ragbrai.

Iowa City, IA > Des Moines, Iowa {July 2013}


Des Moines, IA


and then the way back was even more wonderful…. i got a little out of control with snapping photos.

Des Moines, IA > Iowa City, Iowa {July 2013}



I’ve found when you throw a bunch of people together from all over the country you end up discussing the weather quite a bit….perhaps a little too much. Everyone wants to share why where they came from was better, or worse, then where they are now.

Overall, Summer 2013 in Iowa city was pretty beatiful. However we did have our share of flooding, crazy amounts of rain and the occasional tornado touchdown. Here are some snapshots I collected.

The University of Iowa’s flood proof wall? Protecting Art Building West

the flood waters it was supposed to keep out

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we’re calling the photoshoot above  “a flood party”

the pan of city park in mid june

rainbow sunset.

that one was so good i was compelled to put it up twice

where i spent my first severe thunderstorm in iowa because i thought it was a tornado

another sunset in cedar rapids, ia

and a crazy almost-tornado that i drove through….