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Month: August, 2013


community minded people from across the country! please check out this local small press that needs everyones help! this is great organization that has played a big part in launching my own art career and they need a little help to make ends meet this year!

Here’s their own spiel: “We want to be able to continue teaching after-school programs with at-risk youth, printing diplomas with local Charter schools, running summer camp programs for children and teens, and remain a touchstone for local artists whose work is often marginalized. We know we make a difference, and this is your chance to make a difference too.”

and here is a link to the indiegogo campaign video:

…and here is a post from May where I show you many awesome photos of WNYBAC and some of the things they get into over on Washington Ave!

i made some art in July as well.

Art-wise July was overtaken by making books. I took a summer course in Bookbinding I from the University of Iowa’s Center for the Book. I finally committed to pursuing a certificate of the book and needed to get some classes under my belt. I should have known I would end up going a little bit overboard on the making books front…. Lets just say I made way more than the recommended amount…. One of my favorite parts was getting to use up handmade paper I’ve had kicking around for years and repurposing old prints as book covers. For those of you not following me on instagram, here are the results.

The Indiana National Lakeshore

Having not realized quite how land-locked the state of Iowa was before i moved here… i’ve been going through “swimming in natural bodies of water” withdrawal. The rivers in the Mid West are full of farm run-off and too toxic to swim in. The closest lake is Lake Macbride and the Coralville dam which are both entirely man-made and the beach looks simply depressing from afar.

Because I couldn’t make my annual trek out to my grandmother’s cottage on Lake  Erie or regular boat rides on the Niagara River & Buffalo Canal with friends I decided it was necessary to make an emergency lunch stop at the Indiana National Lake Shore. On the shores of Lake Michigan somewhere inbetween Toledo, Ohio and Gary, Indiana is a beautiful beach area with rolling sand dunes sandwiched between smokey factories from aforementioned cities in the distance. It was both awesome and needed. I would highly recommend a visit there. This time I just stopped at the public beach on the national lakeshore. There appears to be plenty of hiking and Dune climbing to explore on my next trip. There is also the Indiana Dunes State park with a  campground! Anyone up for Beach camping next summer?!

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x-country II

Clarence, NY > Iowa City, IA {july 2013}

The way back was slightly more interesting. I took an awesome side trip for my lunch break (details to follow) that lead to some experimental paths through Indiana, I crossed the Mississippi at Bettendorf/Davenport and finally stopped for gas at Iowa 80, the worlds largest truck stop.


pretend this is pinterest for a hot minute

Having resisted mass amounts of temptation to join the social media time-waster of pinterest….I am now forced to put one pinterest worthy post up on my blog.

The wedding I went home for had they most awesome floral bouquets ever!  Mostly because there were SUCCULENTS IN THEM! I was unnecessarily excited by this fact and took a million identical photos of all the bridesmaids/brides bouquets. ENJOY!

i’m sorry I talk about Buffalo so much but this is why.

Maybe you Midwesterners and west coasters will begin to understand why I get so excited about the City of Buffalo. These are just photos from 1 neighborhood (the one I actually lived in) in a beautiful, diverse and eccentric network of vibrant places I left. Not all are this pristine, but a large majority of people in this wonderful city are constantly &actively working to change their neighborhoods for the better! Walk down any street and see signs!

(Warning: I may be seeing buffalo through the rosy glow of an ex-pat, no apologies, I just miss it.)

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x-country I

Iowa City, IA >Buffalo, NY {july 2013}

I always get excited when I cross the Mississippi RIver….. this time I crossed in Moline, Illinois instead of the more Northern Bridge at Davenport. I would say crossing the Mississippi at sunrise was the highlight of the trip out. Too bad it only happened 2 hours in to my 12 hour drive. I had my first (and only) glimpse of Lake Erie in six months at the hour 10 marker…..

and i’m back!

I’ve moved back home and after some strong words with my internet provider I am also back online! Let the back-dating of all the awesome things I did in July begin!

I’m starting with my mother and I’s wild and crazy garden, back home in Clarence, New York. Helping out with and picking out flowers for my mother’s back garden is one of my favorite, non-art hobbies. Unfortunately, since I’ve moved to Iowa City I’ve had to live off of cell phone photo updates she sends me or  covetously staring at my neighbors plots…. When I finally went home in July I got to see my garden for real. I have an unhealthy obsession with lilies so we have quite a few of those that I planted in the few years before I left New York. My Altari lilies are finally taller than I am! Most of the non-lilies are plans my mother has found at off-season sales and garden whole sale events since I’ve left. She went a little crazy and it’s so wonderful!

Enough talk here are the photos (some of which were taken with my fancy new/old Nikon D60 I purchased this summer)!

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A gorgeous day in Iowa city.



Playing the name that flower game. Anyone know what type of Lilly this is? They’re everywhere in Iowa City.

Oh dear.

The Internet at my apartment is down indefinitely.