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Month: July, 2013


Emergency Post (just in case there is someone from Iowa City, who is not already a printmaker, reading this blog)

I’m teaching a workshop on collographs,  this weekend, July 27/28 at Zenzic Press,  in Iowa City! Currently, the enrollment is not high enough for the class to go on! It’s only $25 dollars so if you know anyone interested, forward this on! All info is on the poster image below! Message me with questions!

Here is a link to all the other awesome and super cheap workshops being taught this summer! Mostly by friends of mine so if you are in the area, you should go!

sorry folks….

I’ve been traveling and house sitting away from my home computer for the past few weeks so my posts have been light…scratch that- they’re non-existant. Hopefully i’ll be back in mid-august with plenty of new traveling photos, flowers, architecture and art updates!

For now, I leave you with this image from my Iowa City Alleyway.

worst flight yet.

Flying out of Chicago in March is no walk in the park. I’m pretty sure this one involved getting to the airport a 6, only to have our original flight canceled, forced to switch airports, and not getting home until 9pm at night.


Oh well… it made for some awesome shots of snow-covered midwestern suburbia that I like to look back at on hot days like today…..

Chicago, IL >Cincinnati, OH {march 2009}

Iowa Foil Printing. Yippee!

It’s to hot to write anymore. Foil Printing doesn’t need an explanation anyways….


Getting ready to go home so I made awesome shiny cards for all the events I’ve missed. (I’m pretty sure none of these people read my blog so its safe to post ahead of time!)

Lithographic Relief Transposition. yawn.

I have a small obsession with the one area on the outskirts of Iowa City where they are currently, slowly building up developments. It’s a road called Camp Cardinal Boulevard, in between Iowa City and Coralville, IA. I drive on this road weekly to get to my job on the Oakdale campus. Therefore, I see both the natural environmental landscape, and the man-made alterations to this landscape changing regularly.

To try to illustrate this change over time I decided to attempt a complicated and technical lithographic process called releif transposition.  Basically, I drew the original image, printed it a few times in several different colors, then used large quantities of nitric acid to etch the original image into a relief. I then transposed this relief by graining down image until it was the exact reverse values of the original. I continued to change and invert the original image 5 or 6 times throughout the spring semester.

I know that was super complicated and a bit of a rushed explanation…. just look at the photos.

Besides changing the stone as I went to show change in the landscape changing I also chose to use this super complicated technique so that I could spend the semester getting more comfortable with lithographic. Lesson learned: I may never be totally confident in my lithographic technical skills… oh well. Here are the final results, a semester and a half later. Can’t wait to grain this image off and start something totally new!


And now that you have seen my interpretation of said landscape…. here are the actual photos of the drive that inspired it! Tell me what you think, did I get it?

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a vista

Some more wind turbines, most likely in Pennsylvania as well and a rare shot of myself in a landscape.

Buffalo, NY >Philadelphia, PA {march 2010}


unexpected discovery

I found these shots from a family trip to Washington, DC while scanning through my library. I had forgotten about all these awesome shots of wind-farms I took, (In case you haven’t noticed yet, I love photos of wind turbines on the landscape). This is also one of my favorite times of year -color wise…. Almost everything is still dead, brown and skeletal from winter…yet there are patches of sporadic green shooting through. I’m pretty sure most of these shots were taken while passing through Pennsylvania….

Washington, DC >Buffalo, NY {april 2010}