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Month: June, 2013


I’m starting to run short on post-dated shots of traveling through the landscape…. It’s  a good thing i’ll be driving back and forth between Iowa City and Buffalo twice in the next two months….. I also may start doing city portraits of places i’ve documented when I run out of the actual arrivals & departures…. here’s a few photos from a drive across Upstate New York

New Paltz, NY >Buffalo, NY {may. 2010}

People here in the midwest tend to look at me funny when I try to tell them that the Eastern Iowa landscape is pretty similar to the part of Western New York I grew up in. Maybe these photos from a stretch of the 90 somewhere between Buffalo and New Paltz, New York will help you make the connection. As i’ve stated before…Upstate and Western New York are not the same as New York City and its surrounding areas.

devonian fossil gorge

Iowa River Spillway, fossils, coralville dam, lake macbride and some birds.

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benchmarks in iowa city.

it’s been awhile.

This one’s from awhile back….judging by the photos my flight must have been delayed and I entertained myself by trying to catch photographs of planes arriving & departing.

Boston, MA >Buffalo, NY {nov. 2010}


holdover post…

SOrry i’ve faded out the last couple of weeks…summer got super busy, super fast! Here’s a work in progress shot of my print of the the now deceased, Bethlehem Steel Administration building to hold you over…



(This layer actually features the Steel Winds grounds behind the building)

The Iowa state flower is a….

….Wild rose. Here are some regular and wild roses I poached from an Iowa City traffic circle and alleyway by my apartment.


buy art here!

The Iowa Arts Festival is this weekend and Rachel Livedalen, Jenny Harp and I all of have booths in the Emerging Artists tent! This tent is an awesome opportunity where “emeerging” artists applied and were given a booth and table in a designated tent in the US Bank Parking lot (the corner of Linn and Washington in Iowa City). If you are in Iowa City, come visit us on June 8th & 9th (starting tomorrow) and check out some awesome fine art prints and ephemera!

I’ve been preparing for this all week and I went a little overboard…so far I’ve made and  printed new small collographs, hand stamped  business cards, reduced prices on all my undergraduate work, clear bagged all my larger work and added new work to my portfolio. Today, I still plan on going thrift store shopping for display ideas, finish assembling my packaging materials and all the boring money and organizational stuff that goes along with craft sales.

Here are some images of prep work from this week!

Building and coating the collagraph plates

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Making new business cards… unfortunately, I have yet to get a stamp with my finally functioning blog address on it….

2 days of printing my collagraphs…

a new plate I finally finished after starting it last august!

and the war zone that was my studio after my crafting frenzy this week!

See you all this weekend I hope!


A good friend of mine from Iowa City, Satomi Kawai, and a group of metals and jewelery artists have an indie gogo campaign started to assist them in their goal to get their work to  contemporary art fair in Amsterdam called SIERAAD. Check out their fundraising video below. If you assist them there are many unique thank you gifts on the line!

Here is some of Satomi’s print work

Thanks for your help!

Glad this is over….

Last week a bunch of Iowa printmakers and I completed our editions for a large exchange portfolio called Rock n Roll 5: A celebration of Stone lithography. The exchange was organized by two graduate students out of LSU. The most important requirement? Traditional Stone lithography had to be in use somewhere in the print.

As I have been practicing working with stone lithography all year I thought the exchange would be a piece of cake….. I forgot that I  stopped pulling any sort of regular editions around a year ago as well…. Let’s just say I was not prepared for an edition of thirty-five of stone and plate lithography. Despite, the numerous challenges (mostly, uncontrollable filling in though out the edition) it worked out in the end! I had a good friend and screen-printing expert, Rachel Livedalen, give me a crash course in using the screen shop in Iowa and I had an awesome, though unplanned, final layer to cover up my various lithography issues!

Fellow artists, Jenny Harp, Rachel Livedalen and Sarika Sugla were printing alongside me the entire week… and because I am a printmaker to the core I took plenty of work in process photos along the way! Anita Jung, one of my professors, also participated.


The proper way to put out the roll-up roller (I took this photo so that when the intro kids mess it up next semester I can post a passive-aggressive note about how to do it properly.)

Jenny’s Rainbow Roll Rock.

Details of Rachel’s print

IMG_4545Safety first in the Iowa Litho labs….



Process Shots for my print Wild Prairie Drive, 2012


IMG_4577Anita’s print



IMG_4556and this is summer break!

P4P! Post-show photos!

Speaking of promising to put up documentation of shows I missed in Buffalo…. Here are the images from the Painting for Preservation show at the Jung Center last month. I was pretty excited, as it looks like my series about Busti Ave got hung on the opening wall! Many thanks to Sara Zak, P4P’s fearless leader, for organizing, hanging, promoting and documenting the show!