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Month: September, 2012

6th grade hauntings: Radioactive Cats

My sixth grade art teacher had this image posted to the door of our art room.


Radioactive Cats 1979-1984. Sandy Skoglund

I feel like this image has lived, partially submerged, in my subconscious, for the past fourteen years.

What recalled it? It turns out the artist, Sandy Skoglund attended the University of Iowa as well. In my job as a print archivist I stumbled across the portrait/self-portrait etching she made while here. (Of course, once I linked the two images together I got un-neccasarily excited and emailed my middle school art teacher and art friends. Turns out, the poster is still kicking around at CLarence Middle School and has recently been re-hung!)

Sorry but I don’t feel confortable posting the actual etching on the interwebs. The University of Iowa has some pretty protective copy right policies and I always follow the rules.

Has anyone else stumbled across this same sort of past image deja vu? Has any artist impacted you in a similar way? One of my close friends from sixth grade remembers seeing this image and realizing that art didn’t just have to be on paper, it could take up an entire room. Flashforward to 2012 and both of us are using our traditional craft and fine art backgrounds to make installations.

Check out Sandy Skoglund’s website to see more of her installations!

Revenge of the Goldfish is one of my new personal favorites.


Uncommon Thread was a big success! Here are some photos taken by the Gallery owner Barbara. If you are in the Buffalo area the show is up until September 29th. Check it out! You can also grab something to eat/drink at my old lunch break hang out Cafe 59 Try the italian Sodas. This is most likely the last time I will display work from my Hello Neighbor! series EVER! See it while its there! (ps. prints still available for purchase. haha)

Many thanks to Studio Hart and the three Buffalonians that bought my prints. A little financial validation to back up my decision to go to graduate school in printmaking never hurts!







Posting some action shots here. unfortunately, no finished products for the blog right now….I think I’m going to make everyone wait until I get any of my art in an actual show before I post up photos on the blog. This decision is still up for debate so feel free to try to change my mind! i will try to give you lots of hints though.


mixing Colors for my Busti Avenue print.                                  




Second Layer:                                                                       




more ink mixing! (this takes up a large portion of time, i’m a bit crazy for mixing colors)



and here is the final print about to be run through our beautiful Griffin Press with a sheet of transparent hand made flax paper from my trip to Penland 4 years ago!


don’t worry, the newest Painting for Preservation rumor is the show will be in the start of the new year…. or maybe, if I ever get around to writing my promised post for the P4P blog I will debut the image there.


Here is a giant disaster that i immediately gessoed over and stuffed into a corner of my studio. This one day attempt was the definition of  TOO BIG, TOO FAST. I think i’m going to cut it up into little pieces next semester.



it actually looks a bit better as a photo then it did in person. (blame it on the lighting)


Last but not least….my newest wood block of St. Mary’s on the Hill



and did any smarty pants out there notice my dumb mistake? its a classic.


I forgot to reverse the image and I don’t think I have time to fix it…. Do any Buffalo history Buffs out there think thats going to matter in the long run? Opinions welcome please!


And here are the promised photos of my studio space…. only complaint: I’m dying for a window but I love having room to spread out all my art supplies and make a giant mess!




Enough procrastinating, should probably retrieve my laundry now….


Here are some photos from the past month in Iowa City….This post is to hold over the four people that actually read this blog until I get some real “content” in here…. (Not sure if I remember how to slideshow…ready, set go!)


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The Iowa City Pedestrian Mall: Smart streets success! (especially for drunken undergraduates…)

this is a test…

Bus stop post: perks of living in a swing state.

Enough said.


Bus stop post. Thoughts on Greek life.

Living at basically the end of sorority row has given me the chance to observe quite a bit of Greek life recruitment in the past month. I don’t know exactly why, but I’m finding the whole process fascinating.

After chatting with several other Iowa city residents I have come to the conclusion that we are all curious about a way of life we could never comprehend. Why do these girls chose to go through all this rigamarole and process only to pay dues to be a part of this group? How do they convince their parents that the cost of sorority life are worth it? How much does it cost to live in one of those fancy mansions that line Washington street? Apparently, these houses have “house moms” who cook and take care of the girls. Isn’t college supposed to be about learning to take care of yourself? And why would an adult want to live in a house and take care of a bunch of college aged girls!

Here are some photos I took in the past weeks while walking. Let me know if you have any insights on the topic!







Hey people back home! My dedicated and amazing friends from Emerging Leaders in the Arts Buffalo are hosting an awesome event at Silo City on Saturday and you should all go! It’s called City of NIght Facebook invite is here!

Side Note: My Uncommon Threads opening at Studio Hart is also this upcoming weekend, except on Friday so they don’t interfere! No worries! You can go to both! (Read the post from last week for more details…just ignore the fact that i thought the seventh was this weekend not the following. I’m still getting over a post-quitting my job/extended summer break/pre-back to school time warp where i sometimes forget what day/week it is….whatever)

And remember! SILO CITY! CITY OF NIGHT! GO (on saturday, not now)


Please note: how good I am at embedding links!

here are some photos I took of Silo City if you still need more inspiration or something…

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Getting Started, another work in Progress.

I pulled my first print in the University of Iowa print studios last night! Woohoo!


Here is the wood block partially carved…                                    Image


and here is the block with proof!                                                



I actually finished carving most of this thing a few days ago….It took me two days of procrastinating and some over-kill prep work to get up the nerve to print something in my new shop. But I finally did it!!!! 

I’ll explain more about what the print is about during my next progress update. This print is going to have lots of “layers”, both physically and conceptually. Haha. I bet those of you familiar with controversial Buffalo architecture can probably already guess what this is about.                             


east coast or mid west? ny vs. nyc!

In my mind Buffalo has always waffled between being an East Coast City and a mid-western city. Mostly, I think we identify as a “Great Lakes Region” but if I had to pick one or the other I would have said Mid-West ….

Not any more. I never realized how addicted I was on drive though coffee joints until I moved to a town WITHOUT A SINGLE ONE! Seriously? I have trouble comprehending how Iowa City exists. I know it is also my suburban car-dependant roots that also make this fact hard for me to understand but….. I’m a kind of at a loss here. Obviously my amazement over the lack of speedy coffee restaurants illustrates a definite East Coast stereotype for everything to get done super fast.

The results of my unsuccessful coffee quest this morning? I finally got out of my car and walked into a Caribou coffee and had a ten minute conversation with my  server about various differences between Iowa and New York. And when i said New York, I meant the state, but she assumed I meant the City. I don’t think Mid -Westerners are aware of the rest of the State….

And after that, I was so distracted by our conversation that I forgot to tip. I’m such an asshole New Yorker.