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some words about moving around.

Month: June, 2012

first departure….

Being sentimental I guess.

Who knew I would live at 102 Lancaster Avenue for 3 years? Not me, thats for sure…. Three different room mates and one apartment robbery later and it’s time to move on.

No regrets, that’s for sure! Living here gave me the diversity needed to actually back up my own art and my anti-suburban/unsustainable living rants! I am very sad to leave, but of course, excited to move on. I will be leaving a part of myself here forever.


I’m still more of an image heavy post-er:Image

Lancaster Ave!


(I actually lived in the back)



SOme beautiful Buffalo interior architecture! (you can’t get this for $275 a month in any city!)


if you look closely you can still see the fingerprint dust from our in home robbery. 


breakfast nook: one of the best parts of this apartment!


inside the nook: my decorative rusty ladle. It’s hung in various apartments for the past five years. It will be making the move to Iowa with me.


all thats left of my screen-printed installation houses. they used to take up an entire corner of my living room!


my tiny worspace. excited for an upgrade in 1 month! (this is much cleaner then it usually is, i’m already partially packed…)Image

goodbye 102 lancaster ave!



this is what i did all weekend…..

Come hear me speak about Painting for Preservation at the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society tomorrow!Image

side note: i just figured out how to post text and a photo at the same time!

Statement of Purpose

because I haven’t written enough of these in the past six months….

Applying to seven different graduate schools this fall lead to one conclusion. As an artist, writing is not something I’m going to be able to avoid. It’s the way we back up our art and the reasons we actually make art.  Its how we apply for grants and residencies and get other people and organizations to pay us to make art… and this is why I, the reluctant writer, have decided to start a blog.

 My goal is to post at least once a week. The posts may start short and image-heavy but hopefully they will get better! It is my hope, that you, the readers will feel free to comment. Please tell me if I’m being boring, too stiff or pretentious. Feel free to remind me that if I’m due for another update! Let me know what is good and what is not. My first goal is to make writing not so much of a constant struggle.

 —enough with the boring stuff. My secondary goal is to stay in touch and share with my friends and family that I soon will no longer get to see everyday. I am leaving my hometown of Buffalo and Clarence NY to spend the next three years in Iowa City, Iowa. I want to share what I’m up to out-of-state and I hope everyone else will share back!

 Let me know what you think!


-amanda may